06 June 2013

So I am seriously so sorry that I haven't blogged in forever. Its been awhile and I'm guilty of putting my blog on hold for a little because my life has been pretty crazy lately and will continue to be crazy. I'm working a lot and I'm also doing my internship at ABC4 with Good Things Utah and The Daily Dish so that really takes up a whole lot of my time. And I feel like if I ever have a free moment I either want to sleep or hangout with Matt haha. So I am sorry about the no blog posts lately. I'm going to try to get better...but this month is like wedding craziness!! I have three weddings all in one week! I am SO excited for them but this is only making my life a little more crazy but hey that's what life's about right?:)  So look forward to lots of pictures from those adventures:)

Tomorrow I'll have an outfit post for y'all, but for today I'm keeping it simple and showing off some pretty adorable baby pictures!! I stay at Matt's parent's house on Tuesday and Wednesday to save some gas because my internship is in Salt Lake and Matt's mom showed me this ADORABLE pic of him as a baby that I'm obsessed with ha! (sorry they're kinda blurry)
Here are two more of him that are my favorite: 
 This last one he isn't exactly a baby but in kindergarden but still!! SO CUTE.. I love Matt and seeing his baby pictures just makes me love him more for some reason haha! I just think baby pictures are so fun and I love looking at them! Here are a couple of me in the good ole days!
I'm the one not smiling but hey at least I was a tan baby haha! 

So I just wanted to show off some of these baby pictures but mostly Matt's because I just can't get enough of them! I think they're so cute. I know it was pretty random but random is good sometimes no? Make sure to look out for tomorrow outfit post! I'm sharing with y'all one of my favorite new online jewelry boutiques!

Happy Thursday!
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