Blue Floral

23 May 2013

Blue Floral
Who isn't loving florals this season? I know I am! And this blouse is seriously one of my favorites! Its good for a day look or you can dress it up for a night out look. I need to find more floral clothing because its so feminine and girly! I love it!
Blouse: Kohls, Skirt: Forever 21, Shoes: Steve Madden

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21 May 2013

Neons are huge right now, a trend that I love, and one that I think is so appropriate for Spring and Summer. There are endless ways to wear neon and so many different options. I put together two different outfits that represent the neon trend. Casual Wear and a Night Out!
Neons: Casual Wear
Madewell t shirt / dVb Victoria Beckham boyfriend jeans / Mint green shoes / Clare Vivier leopard handbag / Ray-Ban 

Neons: Night Out

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Lace and Brights

20 May 2013

Lace and Brights
I just wanted to say first that I have the best readers! Y'all are seriously so sweet and I love your comments:) So thank you so much for reading and I love hearing from y'all!!
 I found this skirt at Target awhile ago and I totally love it! I think its such a fun color and its LACE!! Lace is one of those trends this season that I love, I think its so feminine and girly. But this color is so fun because I can wear it with so many other colors! I thought that this bright teal shirt looked really good with the skirt because it just popped. This skirt is one of my favorites because its lace and bright, two things I love to wear this season.
Also, my really good friend Ashley took these pictures for me and she also did my make-up! I thought she did such a great job and I'm so thankful for her help:)
Shirt: Banana Republic, Skirt:  Target, Necklace: Ebay, Shoes: Cotton On

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Matte Lips

14 May 2013

Matte Lips

You can find these lip colors here: Chanel, Bobbi Brown, NARS, NYX

So you know when people ask you if you could only have one make-up item that you live with what would it be? Well I usually say eyeliner or mascara, and although that is still some make-up items that I wouldn't want to live without, lipstick is becoming something that I seriously can't live without. I love that lip sticks can give you that pop and make your look so different, and so much better. I've said it before how much I love lipstick but my current obsession is matte lipsticks!

I love how matte lip colors look on someone. I think its so classy and pretty. Something that stood out a lot in Spring/Summer fashion shows this year was the bold lip color, but they were matte lip colors. I really am not a huge fan of the super shiny glossy look for myself, so now that matte lip colors are in I am so happy.  

These four lipsticks are some that I have and love, so I would highly recommend all four. I've talked about my Bobbi Brown True Pink lipstick and I love it, but these other three are so fun and they will definitely give you that bold, matte lip color. If you aren't wanting to spend a whole lot on lipsticks then NYX is where its at for you! For only six dollars you get a great lipstick and they have tons of different colors to choose from.

And if you're worried its going to dry out your lips or that you won't like how it feels, you shouldn't be worried! Because honestly it doesn't dry me out at all and I really feel like its still pretty moist on your lips. Y'all should seriously try out matte lip sticks if you haven't already, you won't regret it:)

Thanks for reading everyone!!
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The Home T

12 May 2013

The Home T
So when I first heard about the Home T, I wanted one so badly and decided I needed it. I thought they were so cute, I loved what they represented and I so wanted a shirt to represent my state pride. What Texan doesn't love to do that? haha. 
 I also thought it would be cute for Matt to have one, I bought him one also, and he seriously loves it just as much as I do. 
Let me tell you why I love this t-shirt so much!
1. Its SO soft and comfy!! Its seriously my new favorite t-shirt. I've never owned something this comfy and cute.
2. I love that I could style it so many different ways, I already can think of a couple ways I want to wear it in the future.
3. They show my love for my home.
4. And finally what's also so great about these shirts is that a portion of profits are donated to multiple sclerosis research. 
Shirt: Home T, Shorts: Forever 21, Shoes: Steve Madden, Hat: Nordstrom, Necklace: Francesca's, Bracelet: Nordstrom

You can get your Home T HERE!!

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Facial Cleansers

10 May 2013

Facial Cleansers

Skincare is something that I am so big on. I obsess over it because I really do think its a huge part of your beauty routine. When I first moved to Utah my skin totally changed. Which actually makes sense if you think about it because I moved from Houston, somewhere so humid, to Provo, somewhere so dry! Well that summer after my freshman year I talked with my step mom and we agreed that my skin had gotten pretty bad, I had more acne then ever. It wasn't bad nor was it super serious but it was something that I definitely noticed and wanted to make better if I could. That fall I met with a dermatologist and at first he just started me antibiotics and then that didn't work so he put me on accutane! It was the worst six months ever! It was miserable, but it did help my skin,and since then its been clear.

So since I have been off of it, I pay such close attention to what I'm doing to my skin and what I'm putting on it. I used to not care if I didn't wash my face before bed but now I can't fall asleep unless I wash it! I am so big on washing your face, not just for my personal reason but there is so many benefits from it and its only going to help your skin, and make it beautiful.

I have tried out several facial cleansers and these are my top four! My all time favorite has to be the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, this stuff is great! It really is good for all skin types, it doesn't dry you out too much, it helps with clearing up your skin for sure!

My second favorite is the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser, this really is going to help with hydrating your skin. I like to use this stuff during the winter because my skin is so dry. But this will also help clearing up your skin!

The next cleanser that I absolutely love is Purity One-Step Facial Cleanser, this is really a great cleanser. Its a 4-1 cleanser, and if your'e okay spending more then I would totally recommend this one. Its going to remove face and eye makeup for you, cleanse your skin, tone your skin, and hydrate your skin! All that in one little face wash! So great!

The last cleanser that I would recommend to y'all is St. Ives Apricot Scrub. This is the cleanser that my little sister and boyfriend actually use all the time. I love to use it because I really do think it works so well. If you're looking for something to exfoliate your skin, and help out with blackheads then this is your go to cleanser! I love using this one, because it has the exfoliation and my skin always feels so soft after I wash it. It also really does help with blemishes!

I hope y'all give these a try! They really are the best!

Happy Friday Everyone:)

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Another M.A.C. Eye Combo

07 May 2013

Another M.A.C. Eye Combo
So I have another eye combination for y'all. As I've said in another post I love M.A.C Cosmetics more than anything, and especially for eye make-up. They have countless choices and I feel like its never ending. I am always able to try out new stuff. But this combo is one that I have used for about a year now, and its such a great eye look for an every day look or a night out. Its very shimmery and pretty. In this combination you're going to be using M.A.C.'s paint pot. This stuff is so cool, and I love it so much. What it is basically is a cream that you can put on your lid, it goes on creamy but dries and it works great mixing with eye shadows.
Left to Right: Wedge, Constructivist, Tempting, Star Violet

What you'll need is M.A.C's eyeshadows: Wedge, Tempting, and Star Violet. And then M.A.C.'s paint pot Constructivist.

How to Pull of This Combo:
1. Use the paint pot and go ahead and apply it all over your lid. I wouldn't put it on super heavy but enough that you are seeing the color. (I'm using just a brush to do this, so I can more of an even look. But you could also use your finger. )
2. Then apply wedge over Constructivist to prime it for the other eyeshadows.
3. Then along the lid and below the brow bone apply Tempting. Just go ahead and blend that in enough.
4. Lastly you will be using Star Violet along the crease and blending it with the Tempting. It should blend well with each other and give you such a pretty look.

Please please let me know if you have quesetions about how to get this combination to work, or if I wasn't clear on the steps!! :)

Thanks for reading!
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Pops of Colors

04 May 2013

Pops of Colors
Thanks everyone for reading and for your sweet comments! Y'all are seriously so sweet, and I love hearing from all of y'all!!
So I am obsessed with this necklace. I have it on repeat with my outfits lately. Matt got it for me for my birthday and I think its such a fun necklace, and even though its orange, you can really wear it with so many things. But I am seriously loving this outfit for Spring/Summer. I found this shirt for only fifteen dollars at Express! Great deal no? Its so light and easy to wear when its warm. But I loving wearing pops of color, when wearing white its easy to do this for sure. Even if I didn't have the necklace on, the blue already pops at you I think, and then you have the necklace that I feel for sure pops some color. I also got to wear some of my favorite flats, I think they're such a fun color!

Shirt: Express (NOW ON SALE FOR 14 DOLLARS), Shorts: Forever 21, Necklace: Francesca's, Watch: Michael Kors, Spike Bracelet: Nordstrom, Link Bracelet: Henri Bendel, Shoes: Nordstrom(old).

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Florida Vacation

03 May 2013

Florida Vacation
Like I said the other day I was away on vacation for about a week in Orlando, Florida. I went with Matt and we met up with my family there. We had such an amazing time, it was so much fun. The weather was absolutely amazing, and it wasn't that crowded at the parks. We picked the best time to go! Also, we honestly did so much. For the six days we were there we filled them up.
Day One

Starting with Day One right after we landed we went to Daytona Beach to just hang out and enjoy the beach since we couldn't check into our resort yet. I seriously loved Daytona. It was so fun, and Matt and I went and found this taffy place that apparently has the best taffy and I really do they do! We enjoyed the warm weather, and even built a sand castle. I wish I lived by the beach though, all the crappy weather in Utah isn't helping either. After the beach we went back to our resort and just enjoyed the pool and hot tub for the rest of the night. I was obsessed with our resort, everyone who worked there was so nice and friendly, and it was just plain beautiful!
Day Two
Matt, my sister, and I went to Islands of Adventure of Universal Studios this day. Lines were so not bad at all. I think the longest we waited was twenty minutes? But this is the park where they had the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I was so excited to see the place, and let me tell you they did not dissapoint!! It was so cool, and I really think they did an amazing job portraying everything. This park was so much, my favorite part had to be the Harry Potter part, and also my favorite ride was in the Harry Potter world. It was inside the castle. Hermione casts a spell on us and we are then on a broom flying, they take you on the adventure and its SO cool! You really feel like you're actually doing it. It was me and Matt's favorite ride for sure!
Day Three
This day we headed over to Universal Studios, its a pretty fun park, all geared towards movies. It wasn't my favorite park but they did have this ride that I totally loved. I don't remember what it was called, I think Rock It? But its a roller coaster where you can choose your music to listen to while you ride the ride. Okay so I hate roller coasters, they scare me so much, but everyone left me no choice during this trip and I had to ride them. But I actually loved this roller coaster SO much, yes it was scary but a good scary, and the music made it a blast! I liked this ride so much that I went on it twice! That just shows you right there how much I liked it haha. But there were some other good rides there too, like the Mummy, we rode this one twice and we didn't even have to wait in a line. I'm telling y'all visit Orlando and the parks either April after the whole Spring Break craziness or in September when everyone just goes back to school. Its so nice being here without lines.
Day Four
This day was AMAZING because we were in DISNEYWORLD!!!!! The happiest place on Earth it is! We had so much fun! We loved all the rides, they're classics, its what you grow up with and love so much! Two really cool things about this day though were the new Fantasy Land! They've expanded it, and its pretty cool. They added the Beast's castle and Prince Eric's castle. We got to ride the Ariel ride in Prince Eric's castle and I loved it!! You get on a sea shell and take a ride on the story of the Little Mermaid! Its pretty cool what they've done with the place. But what was me and Matt's favorite thing of all was the Castle Light Show!! Y'all this is seriously so cool, and amazing. Its hard to explain so just Youtube it and you can watch some of it! Its so beautiful and makes you fall in love with the magic of Disney.
Day Five
We all just relaxed at the resort this day and honestly I loved it, because my feet were killing me by that point and I needed a break! I'd say we got pretty tan, I have a serious tan line. But Matt is so good with kids, it makes me love him so much more. It was so cute watching him play with my younger siblings. He's going to be such a great dad! But later that night, me and Matt spent our last night going to Downtown Disney. We grabbed some dinner and walked around. It was fun, and I loved it there, there's a lot to see and shop and there was some great entertainment.
Day Six
We hit the pool again and just relaxed, and later that night we headed home. Or we were supposed to. Our flight in Orlando to Atlanta got delayed so we missed our flight connection. Our airline put us on the next flight out of there the next morning, but they didn't give us a hotel so we stayed the night in the Atlanta Airport! It sucked so bad. I was miserable, and we slept on the floor haha. But we're home now and I'm sure a couple years down the rode we'll look back and laugh about this moment.

But the trip was amazing and we had a blast! Now its back to reality, I'm working and also doing an internship at Good Things Utah and the Daily Dish this summer! 
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