simple uniform

17 February 2015

Oh hey! So a lot has changed. I feel like my personal style is something that I have been changing a lot too. A lot more simple is what I prefer. So this look has been kinda what I have been wearing pretty much like everyday. Matt bought me these nikes, and I cannot stop wearing them! Not only are they super comfortable but I feel like they are so chic! What I usually do is just wear yoga pants with a top and call it good. You might call it too simple, but I call it my uniform. 
Top: The Loft, Yoga Pants: Pink by Victoria Secret, Necklace: c/o TAudrey, Shoes: Nike, Purse: c/o AMI Clubwear


  1. I'm seriously trying to incorporate sneakers more into my wardrobe, you look so effortless and comfortable in yours!
    An Unblurred Lady

  2. Your sweater is so cute, I love the texture

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  4. Your looking absolutely stunning especially the sweater your are wearing is looking so much lovely on you. Hey, you should also try Kim Kardashian Stylish Black Jacket along with blue denim. I am sure it will look totally dope on you!