engagement photo tips

01 April 2015

What to wear, what to wear? Us girls always seem to have that question in mind, and when something as big as your engagements it can be a little stressful. Luckily you don't have to pick just one outfit typically. My photographer let me have three different outfits, here in Utah that is typically the norm, two-three outfits. This way you don't have to decide on just one look ;) 
My biggest advice for your engagement session is to just be YOURSELF! So this should translate onto what you and your fiance' wear! This photo shoot is designed to show who y'all are as a couple, so if you are wearing something that you wouldn't typically wear or don't feel comfortable in it will show! So just stick to what you know, and is you! Because that's always the best right? 
Coordinate together, don't match exactly from head to toe, but rather make sure your looks compliment each other. The outfits on the left is probably the most matchy matchy out of all three we did but its still pretty different. On the right though, you will see that we aren't wearing the exact same colors, but the colors compliment each other well. Denim is always a great go to because it goes with so much! 
Use your location as a muse, I knew we were going to do ours at Antelope Island so it kinda looks like a beach(the closest thing to a beach Utah has haha) so I wanted the looks to go along with the location. You don't want to be wearing something that is confusing to why you are wearing it. 

A couple other tips:
- Whiten those pearly whites, you're going to be smiling a lot so you want to make sure your smile looks on point
- Get your hair and makeup done if you are worried about it, its a day to feel beautiful
- Don't get a spray tan the night before! If you want to have a little sun kissed look then get it a couple days before so you don't run into any problems with looking orange 
- Make sure you get those wrinkles out of the clothes, photo shop can only do so much
- Don't wear any tops with writing on it, or any major patterns, this can really distract from the photos
-BE YOU! Posing is great but the best photos come from when you and your fiance' are just being yourselves and being flirty and in love!! 


  1. Oh, Lily! This can come in real handy... I was just stressing over what to wear on the engagement shoot. I hope I can remember to just relax and have fun! Love your engagement photos :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

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