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05 July 2016

Well, hello internet world! It's been quite a while, why you may ask? Well this past year has been one for the books! I had a rough year, my work life was a disaster and honestly blogging did not make me feel good for awhile. I think it's so easy to get caught up in things that really don't matter while blogging. So I needed to take some time and really just focus on what was most important to me. I'm finally in a good place with work, I have an amazing job, and life is good! I miss blogging, so here I am! Starting next week, you can expect some outfit posts from me, and the occasional beauty or travel post! I'm actually really excited to get back to my personal creative outlet on the internet. 

To play a little catch up check out what I've been up to: 

celebrated my 25th birthday with my cute husband on a southern caribbean cruise-

celebrated our one year wedding anniversary- 

played around new york city for a couple days-

went sightseeing around london-

fell in love with roma-

went home to spain and played tour guide with my husband-

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