major realness

03 April 2017

Major realness is what I always try to achieve in life. When I got married, engaged for that matter, this blog really took the back seat and I didn't care much about it. I was enjoying planning my wedding, getting married, and enjoying the newlywed life. I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately, took a break from social media for a couple of months, and really just been trying to get back to my best self. I work in marketing, and ironically my job is social media and other things so two weeks ago I went to a social media conference in San Diego, and it really inspired me to start blogging again. Not to become this huge fashion blogger, not to make a living out of it, but because it's actually something I love doing. And I'm all about doing things I love lately, it's good for the soul ;) 

The conference made me miss having my personal creative outlet and lately more than ever I have been wanting to share realness. So much of today's society is so fake, and so curated for social media, and it gets so exhausting and really depressing sometimes. I'm here to tell you that I'll be over here in my little portion of the internet telling you that it's perfectly okay to not look 100% all the time, it's okay to not be stick thin, it's okay to gain some weight, it's okay to feel sad sometimes, it's okay to feel like shit sometimes, and that it all gets better! 

Blushing Boulevard is going to be a place where I'm going to try to showcase MAJOR REALNESS with you! It's not going to be what I think it should be but what I want it to be. I love traveling so much, I love decorating my home, I love my husband, I love fashion and make-up so that's what this is going to be! It's going to be a destination of all the things I love and I'm going to be real about those things! 

I'll end by saying I freaking love this outfit, yes I was scared out of my mind to start taking outfit pictures again because I have gained 60ish pounds since I started blogging back in the day but oh freaking well! You have to start somewhere right? And I'm sick of thinking I can't do this because I don't look perfect! I'm my best self right now and that's good enough! 

I also love these wedges surprisingly. I'm sure you have noticed that everyone has them, I now know why. I promise they are worth it, and it doesn't matter that they are #basic haha. They are just really comfortable! Isn't that crazy? Because I sure thought they wouldn't be. Oh, and this dress is majorly on sale! Like big time! So buy it, because I got at least 5+ compliments today wearing it and you will too! ;) 

So I promise I'm going to be more consecutive with this thing, and for those who are new welcome, and those who have been here before thank you for reading! :) 

Outfit Deets: 
Dress: Free People // Wedges: Marc Fisher // 


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