leather and tweed

06 January 2014

This dress has to be my favorite thing in my closet right now! Leather and tweed mixed together in one ensemble cannot get any better! This dress is from Gypsy05, and I adore it! I love that its so chic, and timeless. Its the perfect dress for these winter months I think. I think the leather sleeves and sides make the dress really flattering. Its a tight little dress but I felt so good in it! I think the dress has a really modern feel. I wore this to church but I can also wear this to so many other places, like a night out or a party, its just so versatile. Also don't forget to get 15% off your purchase at Gypsy05 just enter code BLUSHINGBLVD

And I'm also obsessed with this Armed&Readi ring, its too cute. I love that its chunky,and that it has the leopard print in the middle! I 'm not a big ring person, but this one is something that I can see myself wearing all the time. 
Dress: c/o Gypsy05, Tights: c/o Hanes, Booties: Target, Necklace: c/o oNecklace, Ring: c/o Armed&Readi

Happy Monday everyone! Today is my first full week back at work, the last two weeks have been super nice because I either had a day or two off. But now back to reality! So I have been hesitant about putting my New Years Resolutions on here but I thought it would be good to do so, because then I will feel more motivated, making something known or public always can push you harder. So one of my goals, is like many other people's, but it is to live healthier, and be healthier. I want to lose weight, but most importantly I want to be healthy. I'm not going to lie that I eat pretty bad, and I love fast food. This is so not healthy, and its not just about gaining weight while doing it, its that its seriously harming my body, and I can feel it. I have felt so tired all the time and so sluggish, and I'm sick of it. So I want to live healthy, and be healthy. That's my motto this year! My goal is to lose 30 pounds, before anyone says wow that's way too much, even after I lose the 30 pounds I will still be in a healthy weight range for my height. I just am not happy with how I look, and I want to be in the best shape of my life! I know I can do it, and I know I will! So one thing I am doing to lose my weight and get in shape is the Tone it Up program! I absolutely love it!! I highly recommend it! I'm doing their love your body series and the #100byvday challenge, which is to run,bike,elliptical, StairMaster 100 miles by Valentines Day! I say all of y'all should do this with me, because its super fun and motivating:) You'll  also be seeing some changes around the blog in 2014, I have a lot of goals for this thing! So those are two bigger resolutions for me this year! Thanks for reading everyone!! I seriously am so thankful for all my lovely readers:) 
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  1. I'm so in love with this dress! It looks stunning on you! And best of luck with the challenge--I'm a big Tone it Up fan. Thanks for linking up with Mix it Mondays too!

  2. Love the leather accents of that dress! Brave girl for posing out in the snow ;)

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Verrrrry cool dress! Love the mixed textures - leather and tweed go very well together!

    aka Bailey