10 Beauty Uses of Coconut Oil

12 February 2014

So I have a video for y'all today. Its my first video that I've made so please don't make fun haha:) I attended a class called the Ins and Outs of Youtube for Bloggers at the Build Your Blog Conference and I really thought it was such an amazing class! I learned a lot and it really gave me that push to start doing videos. I'm going to start doing videos once a week, and posting them on Tuesdays. Yes I know it's not Tuesday but I just wanted to start haha:) But from now on they will go live on Tuesdays! So please comment below and tell me what kind of videos y'all would like to see because I would love to know!!
10 Beauty Uses of Coconut Oil 

10. Lip Balm: Using Coconut Oil as lip balm really locks in the moisture and really is a great balm.
9. Body Scrub: Mix Coconut Oil with brown sugar to use as a great scrub. 
8. Make-up Remover: Use Coconut Oil with a cotton pad and it is a very gentle way to remove make-up. Just make sure to rinse it off after! 
7. Shaving Cream: This is really good for people who have sensitive skin, especially when they shave. 
6. Face Scrub: Mix Coconut Oil with baking soda. By doing this you have yourself a gentle face exfoliator.  
5. Cuticle Oil: Use this on your cuticles if they have been looking dry lately. 
4. Moisturizer: Mix Coconut Oil  with Shea butter to get a great moisturizer. It will really help with areas like your elbows! 
3. Eye Cream: Coconut Oil is actually a great way to hydrate the sensitive skin around our eyes. Not only will it leave it soft but it will help with wrinkles. 
2. Frizz Fighter: Oil and water don't mix. So by adding some coconut oil before you head out the door you will have yourself a frizz fighter. Coconut Oil really helps with frizz!
1. Grow Your Hair: So this is my number one for a reason!! I love using coconut oil to help grow my hair out, and it really does work!!! Read this post HERE to see how to use it! 

Thanks for reading and or watching y'all!! :) 
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  1. I love using it on my skin and around my nails! It has so many great uses!

  2. I am going to have to use this for frizz! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I am just getting into the coconut oil trend and loving it! Have you hear of oil pulling? I've been doing it lately and love how clean my teeth feel and that they look whiter! I first heard about it here http://www.designmom.com/2014/01/oil-pulling/

  4. If you use it on your hair I'm sold! Haha your hair is AMAZING. Excited to watch your videos! :)


  5. I had no idea coconut oil had so many different beauty uses... It will definitely be from now on my to go beauty product...

    Have a great day!!!

    xoxo Violeta, your Shoegal Out In The World