winter essentials

07 February 2014

Happy Friday!! I'm so excited for this weekend because I'm attending the Build Your Blog Conference up in Salt Lake and I'm seriously so excited! I can't wait to hangout with my blogger besties and learn more about blogging :) 

 This outfit is literally what I have been wearing over and over again with the weather here in Utah lately.  Things I'm wearing in this outfit are basically my winter essentials, rain boots, and a cute beanie/glove combo. Lets start with this adorable beanie and gloves from The Loft Outlet. I seriously am obsessed with them, I got them for ten dollars total and they are too cute. The red and pink bows are just adorable, and so appropriate for Valentine's Day next week :) I love that its such a pop of color and really can add so much color to these bland winter days. And lastly these Joules rain boots! I seriously am in love with them, they are so perfect. Not only are they beautiful, but I have to tell you they are amazing rain boots, because I will walk through snow or puddles and then a couple seconds later they aren't even wet. I don't know if that even makes sense or not but basically they are the perfect rain boot because they like repell the water. And they are super warm!! I have had rain boots that don't keep my feet warm, and after walking through snow my feet are frozen, but these seriously keep them warm. And how cute are the bows in the back? I just think that the black and brown colors on it make these extremely wearable. Y'all need to check out Joules' website, they have some really fun designs and they are probably my favorite rain boots ever:) 

Happy weekend y'all and make sure to enter the Paypal Cash Giveaway HERE!! 
Rain Boots: c/o Joules, Leggings: Forever 21, Beanie/Gloves: The Loft Outlet, Coat: Old Navy

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  1. I love your boots! I have been craving a cute pair of rainboots for this Utah winter, but now that we are moving to AZ in a couple months, I think my money would be better spent on a new pair of sandals ;)

  2. Love your cute hat and mittens! Cute boots too!

  3. Super cute! Love the boots. Happy Friday!


  4. Thanks for joining the Friday's Fab Favorites link up, I was a co-host last week and I'm trying to read every post! This is definitely the cutest hat, gloves and rain boots look I've seen! Hope you had fun at the conference.

  5. Your hat and mittens are darling beyond words. :)