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30 October 2014

One thing that I will say I know my stuff on is hair growth. Four years ago I cut 10 inches off my hair and it barely hit my shoulders. This was the hardest thing ever for my when it came to my hair. I didn't feel like myself at all!! I couldn't wait for my hair to be long again, after all the majority of my life my hair has been long. The big question though, how do you grow your hair? Here in Utah I really feel like everyone has hair extensions, its ridiculous! So I constantly get asked if I have extensions, well I don't! This length came with time and a lot of different tricks! 
I've already shared a lot of them before but I thought I would compile a list to make sure you get yourselves some gorgeous long locks! 
1. Use Coconut Oil. This stuff is amazing and I swear by it! It works wonders! Go to my post here to get the instructions! I used this once a week for a couple months to help my hair grow really fast! 
2. I do weekly deep conditioning treatments and I really feel like this helps with not only growing your hair but keeping it ultra soft and healthy! I love this deep condition treatment here. It is a little pricey but it can last a long time! 
3. I try to never put heat on my hair. I probably curl my hair maybe 2-3 times a month. As much as I love curling my hair, I hate what it does to it. If you are wanting to grow your hair, you really are going to have to cut back on the heat! It will make the world of a difference.
4. Prenatal vitamins are good for way more then pregnancy! These vitamins will really make your hair grow! I hate using Biotin, which is something a lot of people think of when wanting to grow hair, but Prenatal vitamins work SO Much better! 
5. My last tip is to only get hair trims when your hair is super in need of one. So I probably only get 3-4 a year. 

I hope this helps y'all out a little! Please comment or message me if y'all have any other questions at all!!! :) 


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