bargain hunt for black friday

12 November 2014

Y'all I am so obsessed with Black Friday and guess what?! Its two and a half weeks away! All the ads are coming out and I am planning out what I'll be shopping for! Last year was such a fun Black Friday, Matt and I went to Target and I scored the best deal on my DSLR camera. We waited in line and it was such an adrenaline rush getting what we wanted. I also got my Nook for a way good deal! I'm all about saving money! This year Matt and I are going to be getting a TV, and we are also going to get a lot of our family's Christmas presents. I think Black Friday is a great time to start Christmas shopping, this time of year can be expensive but when you're saving money it makes it a little easier! is a place I love to turn to also for saving money. For Black Friday in addition to saving money they have some pretty amazing things going on, like Black Friday Sweepstakes.  
They are giving away daily instant prizes, 100 winners a day, and a $10,000 grand prize!! Who wouldn't want that?! 

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  1. Have you used ebates Lily? It's my favorite and I've saved hundreds using it plus they have every store you can think of!