netflix addiction

24 June 2015

We all know its a thing, a problem some might think. Can it really be an addiction you may ask? Uh duh, its called binging, binging on Netflix. I've done it way too many times, after I binge watch a whole season or two, I think "Gosh I have to stop that and be more productive with my life". Well in honor of finishing OITNB today I say to all you Netflix binge watchers its okay, its okay if you are addicted. You can still binge watch seasons on end and be productive with your life ;)

So here are my top favorite shows on Netflix that I have definitely binge watched the seasons that you should for sure start watching this summer!! 

1. Orange is the New Black
This is embarrassing to write out in the open for the whole world to read, but I watched the three seasons of OITNB in one week. Its that good! You will not regret watching this show. My sister in-law told me to watch it, and I'm so glad she did! Its so different then anything I have ever watched! Its not only super funny, its extremely entertaining! You will most likely be binging these seasons! 

2. Dance Academy
This is the most random show I started watching like a year ago, and it was the best thing I stumbled upon on Netflix. And I'm serious. I'm really into chick flick types of shows, with cheesiness but drama and Dance Academy is that! And its set in Sydney, Australia and all the actors are Australian! I had a serious crush on Christian in the show! Its about these kids who get into the National Dance Academy in Sydney and I watched all the seasons so fast. I liked it so much I watched in all over again a couple months ago!  

3. Friends
This is a classic, and if you haven't ever watched this series, then do yourself a favor and start now! I was already a die hard Friends fan before it finally came on Netflix in January but I had a serious binge on this show once it came back! It will keep you laughing and entertained for hours! 

4. One Tree Hill
Okay this is a show that I'm just in love with, it feels like a classic. I think this started when I was in middle school. I used to look forward to watching it every week when it was on TV. I've rewatched the whole series like two more times on top of watching it when it was on TV. Its a great drama about high school kids, all around great show!

5. Gossip Girl
One of my top favorite shows! This show is amazing! I read all the books before it finally became a show and when it did I was so happy! Theres something about watching these teenagers that live in the Upper East Side live like adults! Its addicting I was so sad when it was over! I can't even remember how many times I've watched this series, obviously a ton!

6. Young and Hungry
If you are wanting a show that is short and sweet, this is your go to! Its a comedy on ABCfamily and I really like it. There is only one season but its great! Its a feel good show that is an easy one to binge watch!

What are y'alls favorite shows?? 


  1. If you like Australian shows, one that I recently binged is called H20: Just Add Water. It's about girls who, through some ocean magic, get the ability to become mermaids! If they get wet, that's when they are a mermaid haha It sounds silly, but it's so fun!

  2. I never thought I would watch let alone like Gossip Girl but I became obsessed! Blair and Chuck for days!!!

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