favorite M.A.C. eye shadow combo

08 April 2013

I LOVE eye shadow! I seriously love it! I think its so fun and I love trying out different ways to do it! All my close friends and family know that I always wear eyeshadows and not just one but tons of different ones! I love making eye shadow combos, especially for a smokey eye look. So I decided to share one of my favorite M.A.C eye shadow combos. I only wear M.A.C eye shadows...for now, if I decide to venture out in that area of make-up. I just haven't had a reason to yet because I love M.A.C's eye shadows! They have so many choices, and I always find new ones! So it works out. But here is my favorite combo for my perfect everyday smokey eye look:
 Starting left to right: Wedge, Folie, Sketch, and All That Glitters

So I LOVE these colors!!! Its a perfect smokey eye combination for everyday wear. Its not too drastic or too much eye shadow so it won't look too much. But you're still going to get that smokey eye. These eye shadows are great! Sketch is one of my favorites, it lasts FOREVER!! I've had this one for awhile now. But I also love sketch because it is a great eye shadow for several looks. All That Glitters is another one that is good for other combos.

How to Pull off This Combo: 
1. Use Wedge all over your eyelid, just kinda that primer eyeshadow to set your eyelid color. I do this after I use my primer on my eyelid.
2. Use Folie along the crease of the eyelid. 
3. Use Sketch over Folie along the crease but blend it more as a smokey look in the corner of the eye.
4. Then you'll finish by using All That Glitters all over the eyelid up to the brow bone.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding this combo! It's super easy to do and its such a pretty look:) 
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Happy Monday! 

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  1. Your blog is too cute! Found you through Bethany's blog - Perfectly Coutured. I am so bad with eyeshadow, so I am loving this post! Thanks for the tips! You have a new follower - BlogLovin and the {soon-to-be-gone} GFC ;)

    xoxo Meghan

  2. You are so sweet! Thanks for your sweet words:) I'm loving your blog too!! Started following you:)