picture taking

01 April 2013

Since yesterday was Easter Sunday, Matt's brother's fiance (who is also one of my really good friends) Andrea said "hey lets go take some pictures outside!" So we grabbed our men and took a group photo:
Then Matt and I got a picture together, isn't he adorable:) love him!
And then Andrea and I decided we of course needed some pictures together of just us girls...so this is what happened:
 Then finally a good one:
I don't know why we had a hard time taking a good picture haha...Nate did tell us to act candid, I guess we're not good at acting just normal haha. But I love this girl, and I'm so glad that we ended up with brothers! She's such a good friend to me and I know we're gonna have a lot of good times in the future, after all I always have a good laugh with her and this whole crew:)

Happy Monday!

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  1. This is amazing, you are amazing. I love this, can't wait till matt and nate send us on trips!

    1. It worked!! haha:))) You're so sweet though! But seriously I can't wait till they send us to the Atlantis Hotel and we just relax while they work haha jk kinda ha;)