drinking more water

16 April 2013

So this week is absolutely so crazy for me. I have finals and I have to move out on Saturday, so things are super hectic. And when things are crazy busy I find myself not drinking enough water. Drinking water is so important when it comes to losing weight, everyone knows that. So at night when I realize I have barely drank any I get frustrated because its should be an easy thing when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. 
Well I recently discovered a way to help me drink the amount of water I need to every day. I took four water bottles and put a 12, 3, 6, and 9 on each one. So basically I have to drink each one by that time. For some reason this is helping me drink all the water I need to drink everyday. So if you have a hard time getting all the water you need try this! Its super easy. Three hours per water bottle...pretty doable! 

I'm going to Orlando next week for vacation and I know that it will be really hard to be super healthy down there, but when I get back its crunch time for losing weight! I have so many things going on this summer and its time for a lifestyle change! So stay tuned for some great healthy recipes, and awesome workouts:) 
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  1. That is really funny that you did a post about water because I have been thinking about doing one too lol

  2. Lily! I'm so happy I found your blog. I love finding blogs with similar content to mine, fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I need to drink more water too! Good job on making it happen. You are adorable and I'm excited to start reading your blog. Good luck with finals :)


    1. Brittany you are SO sweet!! Thank you so much! I'm loving your blog!!!