Matte Lips

14 May 2013

You can find these lip colors here: Chanel, Bobbi Brown, NARS, NYX

So you know when people ask you if you could only have one make-up item that you live with what would it be? Well I usually say eyeliner or mascara, and although that is still some make-up items that I wouldn't want to live without, lipstick is becoming something that I seriously can't live without. I love that lip sticks can give you that pop and make your look so different, and so much better. I've said it before how much I love lipstick but my current obsession is matte lipsticks!

I love how matte lip colors look on someone. I think its so classy and pretty. Something that stood out a lot in Spring/Summer fashion shows this year was the bold lip color, but they were matte lip colors. I really am not a huge fan of the super shiny glossy look for myself, so now that matte lip colors are in I am so happy.  

These four lipsticks are some that I have and love, so I would highly recommend all four. I've talked about my Bobbi Brown True Pink lipstick and I love it, but these other three are so fun and they will definitely give you that bold, matte lip color. If you aren't wanting to spend a whole lot on lipsticks then NYX is where its at for you! For only six dollars you get a great lipstick and they have tons of different colors to choose from.

And if you're worried its going to dry out your lips or that you won't like how it feels, you shouldn't be worried! Because honestly it doesn't dry me out at all and I really feel like its still pretty moist on your lips. Y'all should seriously try out matte lip sticks if you haven't already, you won't regret it:)

Thanks for reading everyone!!
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  1. I love that first lip color. I used to wear only lip glosses but I wear lip stick a lot more now. Gotta have it!!


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  2. i agree! lipstick can really make a look! love matte lips! so pretty!