Another M.A.C. Eye Combo

07 May 2013

So I have another eye combination for y'all. As I've said in another post I love M.A.C Cosmetics more than anything, and especially for eye make-up. They have countless choices and I feel like its never ending. I am always able to try out new stuff. But this combo is one that I have used for about a year now, and its such a great eye look for an every day look or a night out. Its very shimmery and pretty. In this combination you're going to be using M.A.C.'s paint pot. This stuff is so cool, and I love it so much. What it is basically is a cream that you can put on your lid, it goes on creamy but dries and it works great mixing with eye shadows.
Left to Right: Wedge, Constructivist, Tempting, Star Violet

What you'll need is M.A.C's eyeshadows: Wedge, Tempting, and Star Violet. And then M.A.C.'s paint pot Constructivist.

How to Pull of This Combo:
1. Use the paint pot and go ahead and apply it all over your lid. I wouldn't put it on super heavy but enough that you are seeing the color. (I'm using just a brush to do this, so I can more of an even look. But you could also use your finger. )
2. Then apply wedge over Constructivist to prime it for the other eyeshadows.
3. Then along the lid and below the brow bone apply Tempting. Just go ahead and blend that in enough.
4. Lastly you will be using Star Violet along the crease and blending it with the Tempting. It should blend well with each other and give you such a pretty look.

Please please let me know if you have quesetions about how to get this combination to work, or if I wasn't clear on the steps!! :)

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Found you over on Plane Pretty. You are gorgeous!! Excited to read up on your blog :) New follower!

    1. Thanks for following Tori:) You are so sweet!!! Love your blog!!!

  2. Oooh I love me some MAC too. Have you ever tried their tinted moisturizers? I'm thinking about investing in theirs for the summer.

    1. Katie I actually haven't tried their tinted moisturizers but I love Bobbi Brown's BB Cream which is like a tinted moisturizer! You should try that:)

  3. Hi! Found you via your feature on Jenny's blog!
    I hope you'll come join my link party. I want to see where your style inspiration comes from...