his and hers

08 July 2015

I'm so excited about today's post, I get to show off my adorable hubby and some of our favorite things right now! We are all about watches and we love trying new types. Wood Watches by Jord is our new favorite thing, not only are they gorgeous but they are made out of wood! How cool is that?! The packaging they come in is also amazing, which is a huge plus! Not only are they made out of wood, but the detailing is amazing! I'm wearing the Sidney Series and I love the Rose Gold face with the circle of Swarovski Crystals making it so gorgeous and it stands out so much. Matthew's is my favorite, he is wearing the Dover. I love the different wooden tones, they have 3D numeric markers which I think is so different. And the fact that you can see through the whole watch and how it works is what I love the most.

Joggers...where do I began with joggers? I think its my favorite trend right now, not just for women but for men. I think Matthew has over ten pairs because he loves them so much. Comfort and style all wrapped into one pair of bottoms. It feels like you are wearing sweats but you still look ultra stylish. Mine are from Aeropostale, and Matthew's are from Pacsun, which is where we usually get his. Great prices and great joggers.
Another thing that I am loving for men right now are Nikes. Matthew has a huge obsession with shoes, particularly Nikes. He loves his Air Jordans, Lebrons, I could go on and on. But my favorite are the Stefan Janoski, they are not only comfortable but stylish, and I think they look great with joggers. I usually pair his joggers with some Nikes, and then some sort of tee like this one from Aeropostale. I love the longer length of it, I feel like it adds dimension to the whole look. 

His Look:
Tee: c/o Aeropostale // Joggers: Pacsun // Shoes: Nike // Watch: c/o Wood Watches by Jord
Her Look:


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