Xtend Barre Provo Blogger Night

12 December 2013

So last night I went to the Xtend Barre Provo Blogger Night hosted by Deidre from Love, the Skinnys! I seriously had so much fun! I went with my girl Katelin, and we were a little nervous. I had always wanted to try a barre class, but never went because I was a tad scared because I thought I would be really bad at it.  I went into it not knowing much, but I came out totally loving it! I'm so glad I got to go this event, and now I am so in love with Xtend Barre! The teacher at Xtend Barre Provo was so amazing, and she made the class so fun! It was challenging but SO fun! I love how they incorporate dance and Pilates into the workout, its like the best thing to tone up! If you live in Utah and want to try it out, y'all need to check out Xtend Barre Provo because I had the most amazing experience and it was a killer workout! Here are their links so you can start taking their classes:) 

Here are some pics from the event!! :) 
Matching socks we got:) 
 With Katelin and Deidre:) 
And my blogger bestie Katelin, I love this girl! 
 And the whole group:) 
Our dancer poses (mine is not very good but oh well haha) 
I had so much fun at this event, and loved being able to hangout with my blogger buddies. I'm so thankful for the friendships that I've created through blogging! They are true and genuine friendships and I love that we have the common love of blogging! All these girls are the sweetest, and it was so fun! We also got a little goodie bag from the event's sponsors! I got all these amazing little treats I can use around the Shops at the Riverwoods! Here's the sponsors for the event:
Rock These Socks: Website \\ Facebook \\ Instagram \\ Twitter
Blickenstaffs: Website \\ Facebook \\ Instagram \\ Twitter
Mend Juicery: Website \\ Facebook \\ Instagram \\ Twitter
Provo Beach Resort: Website 
Lime Ricki: Website \\ Facebook \\ Instagram \\ Twitter
Sodalicious: Website \\ Facebook \\ Instagram \\ Twitter
Sammys Cafe: Website \\ Facebook
Albion Fit: Website \\ Facebook \\ Instagram \\ Twitter
3B Yoga: Website \\ Facebook \\ Instagram


  1. I look real disgusting in that photo of us. Can't wait to see you at Xtend Barre!

  2. Loved going to barre class with you! And I love that we used Instagram as an excuse to take breaks haha. Love ya bestie!!!

  3. This looks and sounds like such a fun event!

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