houston diary 3

20 March 2013

So I'm combining my last three days together in one blog post because it was really kinda all the same thing because we were in Galveston Island those three days. So Friday after Matt and I ran errands in Sugar Land and had lunch at Cafe Express we headed to Galveston Island which is a beach about 45 minutes away from Sugar Land, where I grew up. We got to spend the next two nights in my mom's condo and it was so nice to be so close to the beach! Here's some pictures my mom took of us when we first got there! 

That night we just hung out with my mom and her boyfriend at the condo and watched TV and ate some pizza, before we went to bed we wanted to walk on the beach a little. So Matt and I headed down to the beach and walked along the water in the sand, I LOVE DOING THIS! Its so relaxing, and its so beautiful! 
The next day Matt and I got up super early and headed down to the beach again. We walked along the beach until we got to Pleasure Pier which is like a little amusement park on a pier. Its pretty fun! We got there early enough to ride the rides without any lines. Matt made me go on this crazy roller coaster that takes you straight up and then straight back down and then tons of loops...I WAS SO SCARED! I was screaming the whole time ha...but we rode this other ride that takes you 230 feet above the water and then spins you 40 miles an hour. This was kind of freaky because you get really freaked out of the idea of flying off and then dying  ha..Matt and I kept discussing after what we would do if the ride broke and we spun out..haha yes we're weird. But we just enjoyed the rides on the pier and then we went back to the condo to leave to the beach with my mom and boyfriend. We spent sometime on the beach and then we had a BBQ. Later that night Matt and I headed back to Pleasure Pier to ride some more rides and get some funnel cake haha. It was SO crowded there though, so we just decided to hang around there and also ride the Ferris wheel, since we hadn't yet. I got an airbrush tattoo haha, we ate some amazing funnel cake, played some games where Matt won me an adorable stuffed elephant, and saw an amazing sunset. 

After Pleasure Pier Matt really wanted some seafood so we went to this place called Gaidos. This was quite the experience  Matt loves seafood, where as I hate it. So we got calamari for an appetizer and then he got shrimp for his meal, I just got the most random things because there wasn't much to choose from for me. This restaurant was pretty nice, at the end of the meal they give you this little bowl of warm water with a lime, I couldn't understand our waitress when I asked if we were supposed to drink it. I believe she said we were supposed to wash our hands it...so Matt and I did this. We were so confused and couldn't stop laughing, our hands were really soft after,k but I still don't know if we were supposed to drink it or not. So y'all know, let me know if we did it right or not haha. 
The next day we just headed back to my mom's house and then we took a boat ride to the Kemah boardwalk, we tried fishing but it was so windy to catch anything. After the boat ride my mom and her boyfriend bought some freshly caught shrimp and made that for dinner...I had chicken haha! 
It was such a fun and relaxing trip. Matt and I totally needed this and we had so much fun! Come back tomorrow for some really good makeup tips! 

xoxo Lily 

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