eyebrow kit review

26 March 2013

So up until recently I never really used anything on my eyebrows. I just left them alone and left it at that. But whenever I got my make-up done, the make-up artists would fill in my eyebrows...and I LOVED it! There really was a huge difference, I really thought it made me look better, and just pulled everything together. I thought how have I been living without an eyebrow kit? So after realizing I needed to start actually caring about my eyebrows besides just getting them waxed, I started researching what to buy. I talked with some make-up artists and they told me what they thought was best, some even just used a dark eyeshadow to fill in the eyebrow, which TOTALLY works! But one day when I was out shopping for make-up with my friend, and I was looking at different eyebrow kits at Sephora, when she told me about this eyebrow kit at Target that I should just get because it works really well and I won't be spending a fortune. So later that night I made Matt take me to Target to get this eyebrow kit...they were sold out(now you know its a good product when its sold out) so I asked a sales associate if they had them at a different Target...they did. So the next day Matt took me to the other Target where I purchased this amazing kit!
The eyebrow kit that I raving about is the e.l.f. Studio Kit from Target. e.l.f is a brand only at Target and its made by Clinique!! Which I thought was really cool because I love Clinique, and its a brand that I trust! But my favorite part about e.l.f is that its SO AFFORDABLE!!! I only paid 3 DOLLARS for my eyebrow kit, and I seriously love it!

 I have nothing but good things to say about this kit! Even if it was more than three dollars I would  still have bought it, because it does such an amazing job. It comes with a little brush that is really all you need and then it has the gel and the powder. So you use the gel to help define your brows and arch them and then the powder to fill them in. This kit is giving you want you need to make your eyebrows more full, defined, and thicker looking! I would seriously reccomend this eyebrow kit, especially because its so affordable, I would say why not give it a try because its only 3 dollars. And if you do try it, let me know what you think:)

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