my weekend

11 March 2013

I had a fabulous and pretty low key weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it. Friday the boyfriend and I decided we wanted Texas Roadhouse and went there for dinner, unfortunately I have no pictures of that, but Saturday was a pretty great day! I had to work for a couple hours but after that my friend Andrea and I (she's also marrying Matt's brother Nate) went to Fashion Place Mall and bought some makeup. Love doing this, there's nothing like the feeling you get when buying new makeup:) But after that we all did a double. It was a blast! We had some Noodles and Company, and then went to see Oz the Great and Powerful!!! I LOVED this movie! I really wanted to see it but I didn't know if I was going to really enjoy it but let me tell you it was fabulous. I thought James Franco was excellent in the movie, he's one of my favorite actors and this movie only made me like him more! It was a great fantasy type of movie but it also had me and Matt laughing at several points. I'd definitely recommended if you haven't seen it!

Matt and I at Noodles and Company! 

Andrea and I with our 3D glasses haha:) 

Another shot with my future sister in-law:) 

 The whole gang:)

Then Sunday Matt and I went to church up in Salt Lake to see one of his friend's mission homecoming. After that we just went up to his parent's house like we always do for Sunday dinner! We decided to take a picture (which we don't usually do on Sundays because Matt hates it haha, so big accomplishment for me here haha) Sunday consisted of some well needed relaxation time and board games. I always love Sundays because they are so low key. 


Matt and I are leaving in TWO days to Houston and I could not be more excited to be back home in my hometown. I miss everything about that place. I am so excited to show him all my favorite places and to show him where I grew up! I can not wait! I have been counting down for this for quite some time now! I will for sure be posting several pictures about this trip!

xoxo Lily

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