houston diary 2

19 March 2013

Day two was pretty low key and just did a couple fun things here and there. Matt, my mom, and I all headed to the Houston Aquarium right after she made us Spanish churros for breakfast (these things are amazing) the aquarium was so crowded, and then I remembered its Spring Break, and then it made a whole lot more sense why it was so crowded. The aquarium was so fun though, I don't know why I love aquariums so much, but they also had a white tiger there...I know, its a little weird because its not an animal that lives in water but oh well. It was pretty cool though, the white tiger was so pretty and it was fun to watch him play around. 

After the aquarium we headed to the Galleria, I have missed this kind of shopping! I forgot what it feels like to have every store in one place. And before we left the Galleria, I had to make one stop at Dylan's Candy Bar! I love this place, I feel like a kid again ha, so I stocked up on some candy. 

After we left the galleria Matt searched for Honduran Restaurants to see if they have this banana soda from Honduras that he's obsessed with and hasn't had since he got back from his mission. Well he's a lucky boy because turns out there was a Honduran restuarant not too far away! So we went over there and stocked up on sodas for him to take home!

 Later that night we went to dinner at Pappasitos with my mom and her boyfriend. Pappasitos is one of my favorite mexican restaurants and we sure did fill up with our meals there.

xoxo Lily


  1. cute blog Lily! You and Matt look so happy together!

    1. Thanks Mary Claire! I love your blog, read all your posts ha:)