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06 March 2013

I absolutely love lipsticks, it's safe to say that I have a slight obsession with them. M.A.C always has several amazing choices and I use to just buy lipsticks from them. But recently I have challenged myself to branch out a little. And let me tell ya, I've had a good experience with it. I've tried a couple drugstore lipsticks that I love! And I also have found that I love Bobbi Brown Lipsticks, they are a little pricey in my opinion but I think its worth it because they are such pretty colors and look so good on! 

 Favorite Lipsticks at the current moment:
Bobbi Brown True Pink Creamy Matte Lipstick
This is one of the first Bobbi Brown lipsticks I tried, and its my new go to lipstick for that everyday wear. Its such a feminine color and it looks so great on!

I've always been skeptical about lipsticks that you can buy at a drugstore but I absolutely LOVE this lipstick. The color is so bright and fun and I think its perfect for this upcoming summer!  

This is my favorite M.A.C lipstick, I love so many honestly but this one I can seriously wear with anything and every wear  It can make my whole look...seriously. And I feel like M.A.C lipsticks are reasonably priced, they're only fifteen dollars. BUT sometimes I can get them for free...

How do I get a FREE lipstick from M.A.C you might ask? Well, its quite easy actually, let me tell you how:

Make sure to keep those empty containers of your M.A.C Cosmetics because with six empty primary packaging containers of M.A.C makeup you can get yourself a free M.A.C lipstick. Its part of BACK to M.A.C Program you can do this online or what I do and take it to a M.A.C counter. Anything that is empty and plastic can be returned and count towards your free lipstick. They don't accept brushes or wooden products, so eye pencils or lip pencils. But this is great, you are recycling your old products that  you don't need anymore, and you are getting a FREE lipstick...and free is always better:) 

xoxo Lily 

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